Turn Your Dreams into Your Reality

Keep everything you need for your side hustle in one place so it can become your main hustle. 


How it works

Save Ideas, Inspiration, and All Sorts of Different Content Types in One Place

Create a reminder in context when inspiration hits, including images, videos, weblinks, and more. Grab content from across the web with our chrome plugin. Comment and draw on images so you can explain everything easily.

Get  To Relevant Info Faster

Add people to boards to make communication, collaboration, and feedback fast and easy. Type or draw notes or comments real-time.

Get Feedback from Multiple People

Add people to boards to make communication and mark-up fast and easy. Type or draw notes or comments real-time.

Make Your Time Work for You

Using Google docs, notes, or email for brain dumps? Keep organized and productive with a smartlink to a board with everything from fonts, assets, Dropbox and Google docs links, websites, video, audio, and more. Update anytime to make sure you have the latest and greatest.





Meet In Style

Meet remotely with clients or collaborators in a highly organized, visual way.
Everything you’re working on one place enables you to unlock everyone’s best thinking to get to got it faster.

Organize and take notes as you go to get everyone on the same page, maximizing your time and make follow up easy.

From your browser directly to your project!

Download our chrome extension that makes gathering content from anywhere easy and fun

Integrate with


Connect each Slack channel to a board. Cut through the chatter to get more work done.